Adam House, Hillside Surgery, 162 Nottingham Road , Stapleford , Nottingham  Tel: 0115 949 1950

Temporary Practice Closures

The practice opening times may vary for times like seasonal holidays and practice training days. Please see below for the bank holidays and training days in 2020.

Bank Holidays Training Days
Friday 10th April 2020 12th February 2020 from 2.00pm
Monday 13th April 2020 11th March 2020 from 2.00pm
Friday 8th May 2020 8th April 2020 from 2.00pm
Monday 25th May 2020 13th May 2020 from 2.00pm
Monday 31st August 2020 10th June 2020 from 2.00pm
Friday 25th December 2020 8th July 2020 from 2.00pm
Monday 28th December 2020 9th September 2020 from 2.00pm

We will re open as normal the following day.

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